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Mini Dizz

Home to the independant animator/online illustrator Vicky Gotham featuring the works of DizzyVix.

I mostly work as a Media tutor at my local collage but in my spare time I like to draw, make animations, dabble is video effects and web design/development as well as share what I have learnt on my YouTube Channel.

If you have any questions, requests or commissions please feel free to visit my contact page. You can also check out the lastest updates on my blog.

Hope you enjoy exploring.

Just finished giving the site a make over and despite the hair pulling with the responsive design, I am really pleased with the results.

Currently working on developing my digital drawings using PhotoShop, can see my latest pieces on the Art Page or on various social art sites like Newgrounds or Deviantart.
During the year I intent to add more content to my YouTube channel and even update a few of the tutorial videos.

If you like to ask more about my work please pop on the Contact or Blog page or can visit social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.